Your Happiness Is Up To You!


You can be anything you want to be!  You can do anything you want to do! 

You can have anything you want to have!


Yes, it is true.  You can be, do or have anything that you desire.  How do I know this?  I know it because I have begun deliberately creating my own abundance, using the Law of Attraction.  It is working for me and I know that it can work for you to.

Actually, the Law of Attraction is working for you whether you are aware of it or not.  The only difference is that some of us are deliberately creating what we want to do, be or have.  Others are creating, by default, more of what they are focusing on…that which is already in their lives…that which they are unhappy with…that which they want less of. 

It is because they think about it a lot and talk about it a lot, that more of the same is attracted into their life.  They are creating in a non-deliberate way, that which they would prefer not to have.

As I am learning – or remembering – that feeling joy is all that is required for life to make sense, it feels like all the pieces of the jigsaw of my life are zooming into their rightful place.  I know that can happen for you too.

The Three Steps of Law of Attraction

Step One :  The Asking

In every negative experience you have in life you are asking the Universe for the opposite of it.  If you have a positive experience you are asking the Universe for more of the same.  This is very low vibration.

Step Two : The How

This is the Universe’s work and you need to stay out of this.  The Universe has the answers.  You do not!  Most of us get hung up in this step.  We are taking responsibility for ourselves, and working hard to prove our worthiness.  Stop doing that.  You are already worthy.  There is nothing to prove.  Let the Universe do its work.  Get into the next step, NOW!

Step Three : Receiving

This is where you need to be, in the best possible feeling you can find.  When you are feeling good, you in a high vibration.  When you are at a high vibration you are in the receiving mode and you will be guided by your High Self.  You will receive downloads of inspiration.  The next logical step will come to you easily.  You will feel compelled to follow the inspired thought.

This does not mean sitting back and doing nothing and just waiting for the Universe to bring you everything you desire. 

It means, getting into the receiving energy and being guided into inspired action.  That action will bring you wonderful results.


And the great news is…

You can get lots of help along the way…

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