Stop sabotaging your goals


Do you find that you constantly sabotage your goals?  Don’t be hard on yourself about this.  However, you definitely want to be aware of it.


This sabotage stops you from living your best life!


And the great news is…


It does not have to be this way.  You can change the direction of your life by identifying why you sabotage yourself, and then clearing that block out of your energy system.


So what could this block be?


Limiting beliefs:  The biggest – and hardest to locate on your own – cause of self-sabotage is the limiting beliefs that we form in our very young and vulnerable years from conception to seven (7) or eight (8) years of age.


We do not form these beliefs consciously.  It happens because we are in a brain wave pattern, at the time, that is very similar to being under hypnosis.  In that very relaxed state, we see something happen around us, and then we take on a belief that happened because of us.


My own personal limiting belief was ‘I am not good enough’ and I formed this belief at the age of 2 when I was unable to stop my parents from arguing.  I believe that I came to this Earth to make them happy and when I was unable to do so, I took on the belief that I must not be good enough.  The tricky thing is that this was not in my conscious mind until I was well into my 50’s and even 60’s.


And the great news is…


It does not have to take you that long!  It is just a matter of becoming conscious of what is going on in your life.


Self-sabotage will be one of the prime places for these faulty negative beliefs to come to the surface.


It is all good.  You are in the right place.


Old hurts and pains:  If you carry shame and guilt you will find it very difficult to achieve what you want in life.


If you carry anger or even rage, then you definitely need to be free of that before you can life your best self.


If you carry sadness or grief it will hold you back.


And the great news is…

You can be free of all that baggage…

Join me on the 21 Day Challenge to Stop Sabotaging Your Goals here.