We lead such busy lives…  

If you are building a small business you will need to build in a lot of self-care if you are going to avoid burnout!  When it is your business you will always find more to do.

The risk is that you will always fill those spare moments with tasks that simply ‘must be done’ if your business is to succeed.

No doubt, there is always something important that ‘must be done’.  Most small business owners work long hours and put themselves and their self-care at the end of the priority list.

To ensure you avoid burnout, you are going to have to recognize that you need to build in regular self-care.  The only way to ensure that is to plan your self-care and then to put it in your diary.  Then make a commitment to yourself and your business that this is your top priority.

Recognise that you need to fill your own cup first before you can give to others!

  1. Take time for yourself! You need to rejuvenate yourself before you can be there for others.  When you take time for yourself, you are respecting and valuing yourself, you are loving yourself.  You are the only one who can really do this for yourself.

When you respect and value yourself, others will respect and value you too.

  1. You are not here only to serve others. You can serve them, but you need to fill your own cup first.

If you try to serve others first, you will find that eventually you will be burnt out.  You may start to resent that you are getting nothing back for all the effort you are putting in.  This is definitely NOT where you want to be.

  1. You can serve those others much more effectively if you love yourself first

When you feel loved and nurtured you are much more effective at loving and nurturing those you wish take care of.

  1. Be kind to yourself.

You deserve to be the recipient of kindness.  When you are kind to yourself, you are showing respect and love for yourself and others will respect and love you for that.

  1. Be your own best friend.

You know yourself better than anyone else ever will.  You can be your own best friend and everyone else will benefit from that too.

  1. Recognise your own worthiness.

It’s not until you do that, that you’ll give yourself permission to love yourself, and it’s so important.

Most of the time we look to others to approve and appreciate us before we allow ourselves to feel worthy.  That is the wrong way around.  We need to understand that we are already worthy. 

  1. Fill your energy cup. Meditation, a walk in nature, petting your animals, prayer – these are just some of the ways you can fill your cup of energy. It must be done on a regular basis.  If your car needs fuel, you go straight to the petrol pump.  Don’t expect your body and soul to cope without this same care.
  2. No one else knows you as well as you know yourself. No one can love and nurture you as you need to be loved and nurtured. You are the only one who can do that.
  3. You are worthy and deserving. Even though you might want to serve others, and that is a very satisfying thing to do, you can’t do it from a place of lack or resentment.

What I really would love for you, is that you feel that love for yourself. You’ll notice that when you do, you feel better equipped to love others in your life as well.

You will feel so much more empowered to lead others in the building of your business.  It is so much easier from a place of self-love to be gentle and caring for those in your team.

If you would like to know more, or would like guidance on letting go of past hurts and resentments so that you can lead your team from a place of empowerment and calm, visit me at www.PersonalPeace.com.au