9 Limiting Beliefs That Hold You Stuck In Your Life

Are you where you want to be in your financial life?   Is there a limiting belief, that you are not even conscious of, holding you back from achieving what you know you are capable of?   So many people are held back from achieving what they are capable of, and they don’t even know why.  They describe the feeling as being stuck, or frustrated.   What is actually going on is that there is a limiting belief that they have, that is holding them stuck.  You are not consciously aware of the belief, only that you feel stuck, hamstrung, limited in some way.   You might look at your colleagues or competitors and wonder at the fact that they are moving ahead and going from success to success, while the whole journey is such a struggle for you.   Do not despair:  The cause of the stuck feeling is an unconscious belief that you did not even realise was there.  There are thousands of possibilities.   See if any of these statements resonate with you:  

  1. To make more money means I will have to work harder

The first thing to do with a limiting belief is to ask yourself is this a truth or is it a perception, created by other people’s experiences, or even your previous experiences.  Look around and you will find many, many people making a great deal of money without working harder.  

  1. The economy is bad so it’s hard to get more clients

It is often in a slow economy that you will get more clients.  Clients are attracted by the energy you give out.  If you are radiating fear and worry, the Universal Energy will give you more to be fearful and worried about.   What if you turn that fear around into a statement like, ‘Even though the economy is bad, there are still people out there who need the service or product that I provide.’  

  1. There’s never enough money to go around

Money is just energy.  There is an unlimited amount and more than enough to go around.    

  1. Money destroys important relationships

Money in and of itself cannot destroy relationships.  There are other factors involved.  Usually it will be the fear of losing the money, or the stress of being able to make enough money that destroys relationships.  

  1. If you are rich you are a target

This is a very fear based belief.  It is not a truth at all.  You can put processes in place to ensure you are protected and safe at all times.  

  1. You have to do things you don’t like to have money

In fact, the opposite is true.  If you do what you are passionate about and believe that money will flow in and out of your experience in abundance (an abundant dance), then that will happen for you.  

  1. Given my past, it is hard for me to make money

Your past has been your journey of refining what is important to you and what is not.  What has happened to you in the past can only define your present and future if you allow it to.  Consider JK Rowling!  

  1. Rich people aren’t to be trusted

There are many rich people who can be trusted.  Just like there are many poor people who can’t be.  Richness is not a true indicator of trustworthiness.  

  1. The more I have the more I can lose

You will only lose it if you fear you will.  It is the fear that you need to lose.   It is now possible with the amazing clearing techniques like Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) – you might know it as tapping – and Matrix Reimprinting, to identify the source of the limiting belief and clear it, completely.  You can then move into your greatness!   I love doing this work with clients.  It is such a joy to watch the transformation from stuckness to happiness and abundance.  

Clear those limiting beliefs and reach your full potential.  It is an easy process when you have a skilled practitioner to work with you to identify and clear what is holding you back.   Contact me and we can talk about what is required to move you to where you desire to be.     Suzanne Scarrow | www.PersonalPeace.com.au  | Suzanne@personalpeace.com.au