A healthy love relationship can strengthen you in your business or improve your life in general

Having a healthy love relationship can be the backbone to supporting and strengthening you in your business life and life in general.

Too many people think that a love relationship will take care of itself.  It won’t!

You need to nurture this thing.  It needs feeding and nourishing. When you give it the attention it requires, it with thrive and so will you.

In this article you will learn why it is so important to:

  1. Love yourself first
  2. Prioritise time with your loved one
  3. Focus time and energy on your intimacy

Loving yourself first is so important.  If you don’t do that you can’t possibly be genuine in your loving anyone else. 

When you feel loved, anything becomes possible.

If you don’t love yourself enough you will be needy of love from your love partner. 

Have you noticed that when you are tired you go into automatic response mode?  Most of us have underlying core beliefs that drive our actions and our reactions.

Scenario:  You have had a tough day at your office.  You meet your love partner for dinner.  They have had a tough day too.  You need some time to recover and breathe.  Your partner has a problem and they want your help to solve it. 

If you are running an underlying core belief that you are ‘not important’, you are going to resent their request to fix their problem.  Maybe you will even snap at your partner, ‘It’s not all about you! 

If you have loved yourself enough to clear your underlying core belief, you can breathe and easily say to your loved one ‘Please just give me ten minutes to recover from my tough day, and then I will be here for you?’  

Prioritise time with your loved one.  This relationship is the most valuable thing in your life.  It is! 

You would not purchase a beautiful car and let it take care of itself.  You would not even purchase a plant for your office and expect it to thrive on no nurturing, feeding and watering.

Why expect it from your love relationship!

Your love relationship is a living breathing thing.  Your love partner is the most precious person in your life.  Spend time with them.  Let them know how important they are to you.

Never expect them to know.  They need to hear the words.  They need to feel your focus on them.  They need to be your number one priority.

If you can deliver on these things your love partner will nurture you in ways you never thought possible.  This really is a case of you get so much more than you put in.

Knowing you you are loved, nurtured and so precious to someone is immeasurably wonderful.  When you partner feels wonderful, they will glow that feeling all over you.

Build regular time into your diary.  Daily:  spend at least 30 minutes with each other, just being together and debriefing about your day. Weekly: build in special time each week when you really catch up with each other and talk about any things that need resolution.  Monthly: a regular review of how each partner is going is a wonderful support.  A yearly holiday together to look forward to, even if it is at home.

Focus time and energy on your intimacy.  If you follow the steps above, you may find that the intimacy takes care of itself.  I really encourage you to pay attention to the intimacy in your relationship.  If you are not regularly touching each other physically and emotionally, you can begin to disconnect. 

Often it as times of stress that cause the disconnect to begin; sickness or death of a family member, financial crisis, pressure from outside forces like family or friends.  Or it may be that you or your loved one are overwhelmed with business or work.

These are the times that you need to pay particular attention to the intimacy.  DO NOT let it slide.  The disconnect can become a chasm that becomes impossible to heal.

Important to note:  I am not saying that it your job to make your partner happy.  It is only ever possible for each individual to make themselves happy. 

What I am saying is you can definitely enrich not only your relationship but your entire life by paying attention to, nurturing your love relationship.

If you feel you are struggling, take my Relationship Breakthrough Assesessment.  Let’s see what needs to be done to get you and your relationship back on track.  www.personalpeace.com.au