Have you ever been hurt or disappointed or let down by someone you really care about?

Even when you thought they cared about you!

It is such a painful experience isn’t it?

You thought things were going along really well and then the bomb drops.  What do you do?

Well you have a couple of choices

  • You can hold onto the hurt and disappointment and feel awful.  You might even shift the feeling to anger and rage, which actually feels a lot better than the awful feeling of despair that you might start out with.  Often, when people experience the false empowerment of feeling anger and rage they hold onto that feeling because it feels better.  However, there is a much better option
  • Find a way to LET IT GO.  If you are carrying around rage and anger you can guarantee that the damage it does will be to yourself – not to the person you are angry with.

I know, it feels counter intuitive…

After all you have a right to be angry.  The loved one has hurt you.  You have invested a lot of yourself into the relationship and they have let you down.  You are the victim here.  You are the one who has been wronged.

But whatever their reason was for letting you down it is not going to help you to continue to feel bad about it.  Sure a bit of anger will help you deal with the issue in the short term.  In the long term, though, you want to be free of negative emotion.  It is actually your job, and your birth-right, to feel as good as you can feel.  And the truth is, that nothing and nobody is worth you feeling bad for.

It is not easy but you can do it…

When you are clear that you choose to feel the best you can possibly feel, because that allows you to attract more of the same kind of feeling into your life, things turn around.  Give yourself permission to feel good no matter what is going on around you.  Allow yourself to observe and notice the not so good feelings and change them by refocusing your thoughts.  Every time you do this refocus, you grow and expand as a human being.  From the best feeling that you can find you will attract a better experience of life.

Sometimes you can do it on your own…

Other times you may need some guidance from a skilled practitioner.  The wonderful thing is though, that you can release the old hurt and disappointment, using tools like Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).  You might know this tool as tapping.  If you would like some guidance about how to use it there are more resources on this website.  There is a video to teach you the basics here https://youtu.be/KAHi7bU02Xg .

If you would like some help

in being able to focus in the right direction contact me at www.personalpeace.com.au or email suzanne@personalpeace.com.au

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