Even the relationship you are in right now can be turned around to a happy place.

Have you discovered that the love relationship you are in is a great learning place for who and what is important to you?

Do you know that every relationship that you have ever been in has been a refining process for you?  Each one has refined what you want in a relationship and what you definitely do not want?  Every single relationship has been of value – even when it was not a good experience for you.

Ask yourself these 7 questions about every relationship you have had – even the very short ones:

  • What did I learn from that partner?
  • What did I experience in that relationship that I definitely would like to experience again?
  • What did I experience in that relationship that I never want to experience again?
  • If I had not had that relationship with that partner what would be different about me now?
  • Can I forgive myself for my part in the relationship that did not work?
  • Can I forgive the other person for their part in that relationship that did not work?
  • Can I recognise that even though there was some good in that relationship, there was enough negative to make it an unsustainable relationship.

Once you have your answers…

You will have more clarity about moving on to your next relationship.  If you are still confused please don’t move on until you find the clarity that you need.  Sometimes that means finding some professional help to help you work through the issues that are causing the confusion.

You will give your new relationship the best possible chance of being your ideal relationship.  Even if it is not your ideal, don’t despair.  Every time you go into a relationship you are refining what you want and what you don’t want.  Some people get clear really quickly and some don’t.  It is all okay.

The most important thing of all…

Your experience of relationships is more about your personal journey of self discovery than you might think.

When you are able to find a way to get yourself into a really good feeling place on a regular basis, you will have achieved the right mindset to live a happy experience no matter what is going on around you.

I am not saying that your partner is irrelevant to the way you feel.  What I am saying is that when you take responsibility to feel good not matter what is going on around you, you will have a much better chance of experiencing joy in your relationship.

The one exception is that I would never encourage you to stay in a relationship where there is any kind of abuse.  That is always a deal breaker.

However, if you are in a normal, relatively healthy relationship, you can certainly take responsibility to get yourself into the best possibe feeling you can find on a day-by-day, minute-by-minute basis.  If you are able to do this you won’t be allowing anything about your partner to distract you from your good feeling.

For example, if there is something about your partner that normally would drive you crazy, taking your focus off that aspect and putting it onto the good aspects about your partner, will help you stay in a good feeling place.  If you allow your focus to stay on the negative aspect you will feel worse and worse.

If you would like some help

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