The past does not define your future

Did you know that you are not defined by what you have experienced so far in your life?

Did you know that you can turn things around at any time you choose?

Did you know that you are your own worst enemy when it comes to holding onto the past?


Tips on how to move on

See yourself as you really are:  You are already good enough.  You are already lovable enough.  You are already all you need to be.  The only reason you think otherwise is that you have perceived a faulty belief about yourself because of what has been going on around you in the past.  Usually this happens in the first seven years of life when children are in the Theta brainwave state, similar to being under hypnosis.  Something happens and the child interprets that it must have happened because of them.

Acknowledge that you are meant to feel happy:  Once you accept who you really are you can then acknowledge that you are meant to feel happy and anything less than that needs to be cleared.  This is now possible with wonderful energy healing tools like Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Matrix Reimprinting.

Skilled professional help is available:  Sometimes it takes a skilled professional to guide you through this healing process.

Never settle for less than a joyous experience:  Once you understand that your natural way of being is to feel joy and happiness, nothing else will be acceptable.  Keep reaching for the best feeling thought that you can find, every minute of every day.

Why do we hang on to pain?

Often people hold onto pain because they don’t yet know that they can be free of it.  It is now possible to be completely free of that pain.  Once you know that you can’t un-know it.

People also hang onto their pain because they don’t feel good enough or worthy enough.  Somewhere they feel that they deserve to be punished and the pain is a good punishment.  I know, it sounds strange, but that is often the reason that clients give me.

Others hold onto pain because they feel that it honours someone in some way.  It never honours someone else but it always dishonours you.  Grief is a perfect example here.  People often feel that if they release the pain they feel about the death of someone they loved, that they would be releasing the last thing that they have of that person.  This is absolutely not true and the person does not want you to feel such sadness.

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