Good habits you can develop to maintain good emotional health

How do you lift yourself up your list of priorities and take care of your own emotional health when you have so much to do for others?

Women are often the emotional caretakers of the entire family – have you noticed that when you are feeling down the whole family becomes out of balance?  So then it is even more important that you put yourself first, because if your emotional health takes a dive then so will the entire family’s emotional health become out of balance.  The old saying that you have to help yourself before you can help others really applies here.  Think about the airplane safety instruction:  ‘Put your own oxygen mask on before you help others’.

Wake up and spend a few minutes finding feelings of appreciation.  It doesn’t matter what the topic is, just find those feelings.  It is vital to your wellbeing.

Then throughout the day, feel acceptance, love and forgiveness of yourself.  You deserve it.  If you don’t believe you deserve it, seek help about that issue of non-deserving.

If there are thoughts and feelings that stop you from feeling good, clear them out of your life, or get some help to clear them, because whatever it is, is not worth you being out of a good feeling place for.

Remember your job is to feel good.  That is it!  Whatever you can do to feel good (in a genuine way) will keep you in a place of peace and calm and resilience where no matter what is going on around you at home or at work, you continue to feel peace and calm.

Your relationships are so important in your life but they can also be the most challenging aspect of your life.  Get into the habit of seeing the people in your life in the best possible light.  Focus on their positive points and ignore their negative ones.

Take responsibility for your own happiness.  You are the one who is best able to get yourself into a place of happiness.  If you depend on others for that good feeling they will always let you down, because they are busy trying to keep themselves in a good feeling place.

Remember to take care of yourself or you won’t be able to take care of anyone else.