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I can help you to be free of emotional pain…

Hi, I’m Suzanne…

For more than 23 years, I have helped transform lives from misery to happiness, first as a counsellor and then as a counselling psychologist.

Using the healing power of EFT and Matrix Reimprinting, combined with the creative power of Law of Attraction, I can help you clear the hurt and disappointment of your past and help you create the life of your dreams. 


Are you searching for YOUR happy passionate relationship?

Do you struggle to:

  • Have easy and respectful communication with your partner?
  • Feel loved and cherished in a relationship?
  • Find a good balance in day to day chores and responsibilities in relationships?
“Since we worked together my health has been improving so much. I am no longer in pain. I am working out now and am now well enough to go back to work. I am so happy! It’s like getting a second chance at life. Thank you so much for your warmth and wisdom and the love that you put into your sessions. They have been key to getting my life back.” Name witheld

(for client confidentiality reasons)


A place where dreams come true…
Everything here happens for a reason. Every session you attend will help you get closer to the life you’ve always dreamed of….
Become a Deliberate Creator of your Ideal Life


Do you want a
happy passionate
Suzanne believes
that everyone can
have that if that is
what they choose.
It is really
distressing that so
many people
struggle to find that
happy place


Counselling with
Suzanne will take
you from wherever
you are, to the place
where you want to
be in your life.
It is a simple matter
of identifying what
is blocking you and
clearing that out of
the way…


Short workshops will help you relieve the symptoms of stress, panic, depression. Clear anger, resentment. If you want to become a practitioner of EFT, Suzanne can train you to an advanced level…

Online Seminars

Would you like to
‘Find Your Personal
Power’. Suzanne
will walk you
through a five
module course in
which you will gain
the skills to do
excactly that.
Take this journey in
the comfort of your
own home…



Suzanne is so warm, caring and authentic in her approach. She gently guides you on a path of self discovery, that illuminates so many aspects of your life and the entwined relationship these have.

Her program is professional and delivered with flexibility which allowed me personally to learn and grow.



Thank you for doing what you do! You have helped me turn my life around in the last 12 months and I am forever grateful.

My next chapter will be the best yet because you taught me to let go of the past, accept things and people as they are, and to make choices and decisions that will only be good for me  ❤️

Wendy & Ross

Wendy & Ross

My husband and I separated in 2010. We had a lot of heavy stuff to deal with at the time and it didn't look good for us for a while. I found Suzanne and she helped me get back on my feet and find the strength to fight for my marriage.

Ross and I went to Suzanne and she got us back in our happy place. Seven years on and we are still going strong and have great tools to work with if we need them.



Suzanne Scarrow is a wonderful kind and considerate person who has done amazing work over the years to heal and reset people to their best potential self.

I went through a process of resetting my thinking and self sabotaging behaviour, that I wasn't even aware was present! Suzanne is so good at allowing you to discover and fix issues you are not even aware of.

Thank you Suzanne !

YOU have the potential to live your happy joyous life. Are you uncomfortable enough to make these changes? Are you ready to step into your happy place? It is time. Let’s do it together.

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