Emotional Freedom Technique Instructions

Why does it work?

Emotional Freedom Techniques is like an emotional acupuncture.  It works on the theory that ALL negative emotions are CAUSED by a disruption in the body's energy system - a blockage.  Tapping on energy meridians vibrates the blockage, while the client is aware of the issue.  The blockage becomes unblocked and the negative emotion is resolved - permanently.

Tapping points

Psychological Reversal

Psychological reversal is like having your batteries in backwards.  Nothing works!  It is vital to neutralise psychological reversal – it is only there about 40% of the time.  It is usually cleared by rubbing on the sore spot or tapping on the karate chop and saying words like ‘Even I have this (problem) I accept myself anyway’.


There are certain things which stress your energy system and they can block you from achieving healing.  It is important to rule these out if you are using Emotional Freedom Techniques without making progress with your issue.

Telephone Counselling

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Online Seminars

You can now learn Emotional Freedom Techniques in your own time in the comfort of your own home.  These online seminars are presented in an easy to understand format, for you to do your own work on the issues that are holding you back in your life. 

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Workshops are held regularly throughout the year in Cairns and could be held in other regions if there is enough need.

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