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You are more resilient than you think you are

Suzanne Scarrow - Monday, May 15, 2017

Do you feel beaten down by life?

I want you to know that you are actually more resilient than you think you are!

When you have experienced trauma, abuse, neglect or stress in your past, it is easy to feel that you are broken and unfixable.  

The good news is that you are a survivor.  It is not always going to feel good to you.  Sometimes it is going to feel damned awful.  Hang in there.  You are in this uncomfortable state because it is time for you to expand and grow.  Without the discomfort you would not be aware of the need for change.  Awareness is the first and crucial step in the healing journey.

Do you know that there is far more to you than the blood and bone that holds you together? You are pure positive energy in this human body suit, and you will always be more than the physical.  The non-physical part of you is the bigger, safer, more loving part.  It is what you might call your connection to God or Universal Energy.  When you feel connected to this part of you you will feel completely safe, completely loveable, completely worthy and able to cope with anything life throws at you.

Imagine a small child who has been badly neglected, possible sexually abused, certainly told how worthless, unwanted and unlovable she is.  Every time something happens in her young and vulnerable life she puts meaning on herself about that event.  The meaning she perceives will almost always be that she is unlovable or unworthy, not good enough - because, if she was good enough these awful events would not be happening to her.  Then she gets more confirmation of this negative core belief that is being formed about herself.  This then becomes the World view that this child has about herself and because of the way the Universe works, bringing like energies together, she continues to run life patterns that bring more and more evidence that this is who she is.

It is not who she is!  

She is a beautiful pure positive energy being, who has been badly affected by life so far.  But, none of that has happened to her define who she is.  

It is so important to realise that the impact of all the trauma, abuse, neglect and stress, no matter the cause, can be cleared using techniques like Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).  Once cleared you can move forward and live the life you choose to live, free from the emotional trauma.

This is where the resilience comes in.  Realising that you have work to do to clear the impact of the trauma, abuse, neglect, stress is a huge first step in the healing journey.  The next step is to seek out some help.  

not a weakness!

Once the clearing is done you will feel more confident in yourself.  You will love yourself more and that is always the biggest boost to your healing.  You will forgive yourself for what has happened in the past.  You will even get to a stage of forgiving others involved and when you reach that stage you will know that you are really healed.

Remember, you are pure positive energy having a human experience.  You are good enough!  You are loveable!  You are worthy!  You are loveable!

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