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Calm Yourself from Anxiety

Suzanne Scarrow - Monday, May 15, 2017

You can help yourself calm down during a panic attack!

Symptoms of panic attacks are:

    Emotional Symptoms such as:

    • a feeling of intense fear
    • sense of doom
    • feeling of unreality
    • fear of dying of a heart attack or stroke
    • fear of something horrible about to happen
    • fear of losing control
    • fear that this time it is for REAL

    Physical symptoms such as:

    • a racing or pounding heartbeat
    • difficulty breathing
    • choking
    • sweating
    • shaking 
    • flushing
    • chest pains
    • dizziness
    • light-headiness
    • nausea
    • tingling or numbness in the hands

It is the fear of the panic attack, the fear of the fear that holds you prisoner.  This fear can stop you enjoying your life.  It keeps you prisoner in your own home, for fear that the panic attack might happen somewhere where you have no supports in place, like the supermarket, the children’s school or just out on the street.

Often there has been a build up of stressful or traumatic events in the person’s life.  They may have even handled the trauma and the stress well.  After some time though, and often after a build up of further stress or trauma, the body says ‘enough, I can’t do this anymore’. 

There is now a technique available to everyone, at all times, which can not only reduce the symptoms of panic attack, but it can also reduce the intensity of future attacks. If used with the help of a therapist you can even rid yourself of the fear of having another attack and then you have freedom from the experience of panic attacks.

There is great comfort of knowing that you have a tool to reduce your symptoms when they occur.

This technique is Emotional Freedom Techniques.  It is a very simple tapping technique, which vibrates the energy meridians, releasing emotional blockages which hold the fear, and other negative emotions, in place.  Once you have reduced the level of intensity of the particular emotion, or traumatic experience, the client is able to look at the experience in a much more detached way.  They are now able to separate themselves from the experience of the panic attack and the fear of it returning is neutralised.

This technique of EFT can also be used as an energy toning treatment, any where, any time.  This is like an exercise program for your energy meridians through which, when emotional blockages are released, subtle energy flows to all areas of your body keeping it in a healthy state, physically and emotionally.

A recent client of mine said:

"Since using the EFT technique, I have found that I am more relaxed and in control of my emotions.  My panic attacks have subsided considerably and my general health has improved." - Client 2009

"This simple process is something that I can and do use regularly and I am confident to confront anything, using EFT.  It is a relief  to know that I can also gain the control of my life." -  Client 2008

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