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3 Steps to Creating Your Ideal Life

Suzanne Scarrow - Monday, May 15, 2017

3 Steps to Creating Your Ideal Life

Most people create by default.  Choose to create deliberately!

Often, even if people understand that the way they think and feel is creating their experience of life, they do not know how to deliberately create the life they truly want.

I did not know, and now that I know, I want to share

this knowledge with you.

There are three steps to how the Law of Attraction works:

Ask - You are always doing this through all the experiences you have and observe.  You might do it through your appreciation of what you have now.  Or by default, you may be doing your creating by focusing on those things you do not want. 

You might do it through thinking about it often and even visualizing it as though it already exists.  You might ask in a prayer.  The Universe only needs to hear it once.

Believe it will come to you.  We usually get hung up on how it will happen. 

The how is not your work.  Once you ask the Universal energy goes into action to become the manifestation of that which you have asked for.  This step is not your business.  Don’t get entangled in the Universe’s business.

Receive the manifestation you requested.  This is the second place where we often come unstuck.  To allow the manifestation in, we need to believe the Universe is doing its work.

We need to believe that we are worthy and deserving and then we need to get into the high vibration of love and above, to allow the manifestation to come into our experience.

When you understand how this works you can really begin to create the life of your dreams.  How wonderful is that!

I didn’t get it for such a long time.  I was in victim mode.  Life was happening to me and I felt like I had no control over what was happening.

The problem was I was creating by default.  I thought life was all about struggle.  So, the Universe matched my thinking and feeling, very reliably.  The Universe is always reliable.  It will bring you an exact match to what you are focusing on.

Then I learned that it was actually all in my control

It always had been in my control.  I just didn’t know it.  I had been creating by default.  What I was creating was definitely not what I desired to have in my life.

The first step is so easy.  You are always asking.  When you have an experience of lack, the Universe hears you ask for abundance.  When you have an experience of hurt and loss, the Universe hears you ask for love and peace.  When you have an experience of illness and dis-ease, the Universe hears you ask for an abundance of health.

The second step is none of your business.  I am serious about that.  DO NOT get tangled up in the how!  When you start trying to figure out the ‘how’ of your desired manifestation all the roadblocks will stop you. 

Your doubts will stop you.  The hugeness of it will stop you.  The unbelief of it will stop you.  Your feelings of unworthiness will stop you.  Your feelings of not deserving will stop you.  DO NOT GET HOOKED INTO THIS!

The third step is where you might struggle the most, but it is also the most joyous step.  That is because to effectively complete step three of the process you need to become joyous. 

You need to raise your vibration to the vibration of joy, love, knowledge, belief, appreciation.  This is the step that requires that you need to feel good to get what you want in life.

If you would like to know more about how to manage the Universal Law of Attraction to your best advantage:


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